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Welcome to my official page !

This is the place where you can find the areas of my research :
  • a serious of data from my studies in Political Science,
  • my studies in Business Administration,
  • the road to Coaching and Mentoring,
  • the business environment, the success and the failure patters,
  • the Wine tasting classes and the difference between superiority and normality, and,
  • the Photography as an art of storytelling and moment capturing.

The general goal of this effort is to provide, through my coaching and mentoring experience, useful information regarding :
the best practices I followed in some previous cases,
the best paractices we developed as a team and things we avoided or should had avoided, and,
the milestones you should follow in order to increase your personal and business expertise and success.

You may find valuable information for :
  • you as a person,
  • the corporation where you operate and
  • the country where you live or the country you wish or plan to move

The person and the behaviour that has in different cases and situations.
The person as single, engaged, married, divorced,
The choices we face, being part of a family and as a part of our business activities.
The joy, the pain, the agony, the success and the failure.

The success and the failure in our personal life.
The success and the failure in the corporate field.
The success and the failure in the national field.
The challenges we all face, everyday..

Someday, we may face a tough situation, either in person or if we may need to give our advice to somebody.
We need to perform well, so we will provide the absolute answer as a solution and not increase the levels of the problem.
In addition to this, there is the possibility that they may accept our advice, but they may also reject it.
In any case, we still need to provide the best of ourselves.

Ulysses (Odysseus) is the perfect example of the problem solver, on his way to Troy and back to Ithaca.
Travelling to my own Ithaca is the only example I could be inspired from..

Enjoy your own travel and put your best effort..

Nicos Rafidhias

Last update: August, 1st, 2020 - During the Covid-19, challenging period.

Nicos Rafidhias ; research : from normality to inequality - from success to failure - v. 2020
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