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Nicos Rafidhias ; political scientist ; official website, v.2020
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I was born in Cyprus, in 1975.

That was one year after the Turkish invasion that separated the island in two parts.
The, internationally recognized, south and the occupied, by the turkish troops, north.
I was not allowed to go to my mother's house, to the north part and I never visited the area.
My mother completed her house in 1974, stayed there for a few week and then she was forced to leave her house and die , later, to the southern part.

From my school years I was always studying what was the official position., the history, the propaganda.
Turkey implemented a crime but for some reason United Nations were not able to protect the local people.
Till today, there is nowhere a complete story of what happened in Cyprus before 1974 and after 1974.
That gave me the information that data are not always available ; we need to dig in order to find the truth..

Being in my 44 years, due to my Bachelor studies in Political Science, I already studied similar situations and patterns, in international politics.
USA controlling a part of Cuba.
Russians controlling a part of Georgia and another part of Ukraine.
Israelis conflict with Palestinians.
Being in Cyprus, for so many years was a bless and a curse.
Living the pain of the area, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon.

I studied and worked in Greece from 1995 to 2007.
That was the so called GILDED period.
For about 12 years I was observing the boom of the economy, the gilded period and when Greece started facing problems I was there observing the downltrend.
I could provide solutions, based on my studies, this is what political science is all about, observe the pattern and fix the problem.
I realized that nobody was interested for solutions. I left and I observed the absolute collapse from a safe distance.
I left Greece the time the system was collapsing at a time that nobody believed that it was collapsing.

Greece was part of the so called European Economic Community and after that European Union.
My studies allowed me to understand more that my university professors wanted to teach us.
Having research to my university, the National University of Athens and the same time visiting the Library of two orther Universities, the Econimic University of Athens and the Panteion University I started entering a deeper path that looked more than a labyrinth.
I was studying for a Union that was not running as a Union and my research showed that Monetary Unions never exist for real or for long term.

I returned to Cyprus, observing a similar pattern. Cyprus entered EU in 2004. Cyprus was and still is very famous for money laundering practices. The problem lies to the Governance. The fraud comes from the Political system, the President and the Parliament. They are all part of the game.
It entered to bankruptcy pattern from 2006.
I was there, watching, wondering..
I was asked to give solutions before the collapse of our banking systemic, during 2012.
They never actually took measures
They hope to receive more financial support from abroad.
They never realized that nobody wishes to support money laundering practices and money laundering systems.

I moved to France for MBA studies, funded by European Union.
It was too late when I realized that I was one more money laundering vehicle of a so called Union.
It took me almost six years to gain access to secret paperwork of the Cyprus government and European Union.
I had the information and I had to act out of the box.
It took 7 years to get access to official paperwork that supposed to be public from 2006 !

Georgia, Serbia, Romania, Hungary and Poland became part of my research.
Georgia became my new research base, United Kingdom, became later the second one.
Being in so many environments, I got access to obvious and secret patters and shapes.
Democracy, oligarchy, ochlocracy (one of my mate's beloved word..), modern slavery.

The road to Ithaca is complicated.
Sometimes it ends soon.
Sometimes it ends late.
Sometimes stays in the middle.

Easc one of us has a dirrerent story ; mine is still on-going..

Nicos Rafidhias ; research : from normality to inequality - from success to failure - v. 2020
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