Nicos Rafidhias, Political Scientist - Business Trainer - Photographer - Storyteller

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Nicos Rafidhias, is a political scientist and business trainer,
photographer and storyteller,
focused on adult learning excellence.

Born in Nicosia, Cyprus in 1975 (just after the Turkish invasion of 1974),
found his family living in a refugee housing instead of their legal property,
still occupied by the Turkish troops that control the North part of Cyprus.

Shown early interest for the Stock Markets and had detailed research on
why some companies are more successful that other and
why some companies are more healthy and more stable in the long term
in addition to companies that collapse and enter administration.

Studied Political Science and Public Administration,
during the period that European Economic Community
was transforming to European Union,
at the University of Athens.

His special interest was the stabitity of the whole design
so most of his assignments had to deal with the possible imbalances
that started being visible in the latest decade
due to corruption, fraud and inefficiency. (reading)

Shown special interest for the Minsky moment and
focused on the Ponzi scheme patterns
that create slowly invisible instability and lead to the collapse
of both organizations and countries. (reading)

Continued with MBA studies at the University of Cyprus
where he focused his research :
-Leadersip models
-Management efficiency
-Human Resources patterns
-Stability and Instability models, and,
-Predictability on public and private budget success and failure.

That was the same period that Cyprus was entering in the visible instability
that led to the financial controls of 2013.
Based on the above research and the recent scandals
he believes that Cyprus and many other countries
are already outside European Union, in the same pattern that
the Latin Monetary Union was dissolved one century ago.

He follows a detailed on-going special research
regarding the Minsky Moment and
the fallacy of Monetary Unions and unstable organizations,
explaining why instability becomes more and more obvious so
disintegration is inevitable, as part of normality.

Based on the above research, Brexit was just one of the steps
that European disintegration
will face in the future years.. (reading)

In the recent years, he is interested especially on the Minsky Moment
both at private and public economic ecosystems, and,
the Invisible Hand practices, as described by Adam Smith,
related to Political and Economical behaviour and decisions that cause instability and collapse.

He is daily involved with :
Stock market companies analysis
Large and Medium size organizations
Daily business effectiveness
College teaching for young learners and aspiring professionals
Blogging and storytelling

Since 2017 he also invests on photography and video material ,
in order to provide his audience with detailed evidence of boom and bust,
both in societies and organizations.

Lives in England, running a private adult learning Business School.

Last updated : May 2023

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