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Welcome to Nicos Rafidhias European Affairs site.

This is my welcoming post.

This site is related to my studies in Political science and the research that I started then and is still on-going and updated.

I plan to upload several cases related to my home country, Cyprus, the design of European Union during the same time I was a student, the faulty implementation and the upcoming official collapse!

During the last ten years we faced the bust of both Cyprus and Greece. We also saw the collapse of Portugal, Ireland, Italy and Spain. We will explain how it all started, what went wrong and why nobody could or would fix anything then.

During the last months we face the same pattern regarding the bigger countries like Germany, France and the United Kingdom. We will also connect the dots from then to now.

The whole research is related to my PHD milestones, explaining the rise and fall of Monetary Unions. We will examine the Latin Monetary Union, the Scandinavian Currency Union, the Soviet Union and we will explain why monetary unions last only for a while.

An important section will cover Ponzi financing and how Ponzi patterns apply to corporations and countries. Whoever is familiar with Hyman Minsky research would be interested to understand the consequences of Ponzi financing to the European countries and citizens during the last fifteen years.

The whole assignment is expected to be published during the next months and will be available in various versions.

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Once again, thank you for visiting my European Affairs site.

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